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    Ein Deutlich besseres Weed System

    Zero´s Grow OP gives your players the ability to grow, sell and smoke a variety of different weed strains.

    Everything that is needed to grow plants can be bought with the ingame Tablet Swep.



    • Buy a Generator and fill in some fuel.
    • Buy a Flowerpot , Sodium Lamp , Fan and Powerstrip.
    • Place the Sodium Lamp over the Flowerpot.
    • Position the Fan near the Flowerpot and point it towards it.
    • Connect the Generator (using the Cable Swep) with the Powerstrip and connect the Powerstrip to the fan and Sodium Lamp.
    • Start the Generator by pressing the button switch on the side of the Generator several times till the Engine starts.
    • Buy a Watertank, Soil and a Weed Seed.
    • Add the Soil and Seed to the Flowerpot.
    • Add Water using the Watercan Swep.


    • Buy a Generator and fill in some fuel.
    • Buy a Hydro Flowerpot and LED Lamp.
    • Place the LED Lamp over the Flowerpot.
    • Connect the Generator with the LED Lamp.
    • Buy a Watertank and connect to the Hydro Flowerpot using the Cable Swep.
    • Buy Soil and a Weed Seed.
    • Add the Soil and Seed to the Hydro Flowerpot.


    • The generator needs maintenance once in a while or he will explode.
    • Press "E" on the Generator if the Repair Button appears.


    • The plants get infected by flies sometimes.
    • If this happens then just press "E" on the Heal Button shown on the plant.


    • The Watertank can be refilled by pressing "E" on the "Refill" Button.

    Weed Processing:

    • Once the Plant has finished its growing phase you can press several times "E" on it to Harvest the Plant.
    • Buy a Drying Station and place the Weed Junks on it.
    • Once the weed has fully dried press "E" on it.
    • Place the Weed Jars on the Packing Table to prepare it to be sold.
    • Adding different sorts of Weed will make the final product a Mixed and lower priced weedblock.
    • Once 4 Jars of weed have been added, Press "E" on the displayed buttons.
    • This process can be automated using the "Autopacker" Upgrade.


    • Buy a Palette from the GrowShop and place the weedblock on it.
    • The Weed can now be transported to the Weed Buyer NPC and sold.
    • The Money Value the player receives depends on Weed Amount, THC percentage and Weed Strain.
    • The Player can get wanted for this. (see zwf.config.Police.WantedOnWeedSell)

    Seed Research:

    • Buy a Seed Lab and Seedbank from the Growshop.
    • Place 2 Jars of weed on the Seed Lab.
    • Press the "Splice" button on the Screen and enter a seed name.
    • The Seed Lab will now generate a new seed from the provided weed jars by averaging their performance values.
    • The final seed can be used or stored in the Seedbank.


    • Go to the Weed Buyer NPC and buy a bong.
    • Right Click with the Bong on a Weed Jar to add some weed.
    • Hold "Left Mouse Button" to smoke the weed.
    • Press "Reload" to empty the Bong.
    • Press "Middle Mouse Button" to drop the bong on the Floor or share it with another player by looking at him while dropping the bong.


    • The Police can use the Sniffer Swep to detect weed plants in close proximity.
    • The Police can get a reward for destroying weed and Plants. (see zwf.config.Police.Reward)

    Die Folgende Regel Würde ich ändern

    • Sich als 3. Partei in einen Raid einzumischen.
    • Sich als 3. Partei in einen Raid einzumischen, Ausgenommen als Beamter.

    Da das RP über den Regeln steht und man wen man z.b geraidet wird logischerweise wie im RL die Polizei Ruft weiterhin von dieser regel betroffen sollten natürlich diebe ganster usw.

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